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How to Respond Well to an Angry Customer 2022/11/02

How to Respond Well to an Angry Customer

Empathy is the key to responding well to an angry customer. It's crucial that you don't take the customer's anger personally, and that you switch your

How to Make Customers Happy 2022/11/02

How to Make Customers Happy

Making customers happy requires a lot of time and effort, but there are certain things you can do that will ensure that they are satisfied. You can st

5 Tips for Handling Customer Service Calls 2022/10/21

5 Tips for Handling Customer Service Calls

When making a customer service call, you need to be clear about your solution and plan of action. It is helpful to explain the solution in layman's te

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Rated Calls is a system where customers rate the numbers businesses call.

No. It is completely free for everyone.

You can see if it has been added before by typing the number into the search bar at the top right of our website. If it's a number that hasn't been added, you can add it yourself by following the instructions.

You've provided a contact with a business number or customer service and would like to rate that conversation. After searching for the number from the search section, you can add your name according to the result or anonymously mark Trustworthy, Semi-reliable, Middle, Attention or Dangerous and share it with your short comment.

Our mission is to evaluate all company calls from the customer's point of view and to reflect the service quality transparently to our valued users.